Nilsen- Pedersen Family Tree
The Nilsen Family (under construction)

Legendary Viking Ancestor: Erling Skjalgson of Sula

JONAS Nilsen married Ulrikke Pedersen (Vinje?)

son,(Jarl)ADOLPHE Martinius Nilsen (b. Apr.08.1875 in Oslo, d. Mar.27.1937 in Oslo) married Kristine Wilhelmine Lovise MARIE (Maja) Larsen (b. 11.jan.1882 in Lesja, Oppland) in Kampen parish, Oslo at 19.sep.1899.
Maria, as her name was written very often after she moved to Sweden, and Adolphe lived in Kampen street 19 in Oslo when the daughter Adele was born 1900. Later they got divorced. They had one daughter: ADELE Vilhelma Ludvikke Larsen Nilsen b. 10.jun.1900 in Kampen Street 19, Kampen parish, Oslo, d. 1975 in U.S.A. Actress, dancer, poet, novelist, painter and sculpture maker. Her artist name was Vilna Jorgen.
Married to Christian Jorgensen c. 1917, widowed c.1930. Adele and Christian were both foreign correspondents for Swedish BONNIERS, travelled extensively through Scandinavia to Russia, Prague, Berlin, before settling in Paris where Christian died of tuberculosis. Then Vilna went to Barcelona, and later to Rome where she met and married (Baron) Attilio Giacomo "Jack" Morpurgo in 1933, a Medical Doctor [b. 8 July 1903 in Alexandria, Egypt, d. October 1978 in U.S.A.]. Adele and Attilio are buried in Oakland Cemetery in Sag Harbor, New York.
Adolphe and Marie have two granddaughters:

(Baroness) ANNSELM (Anna Selma) Larsen Nilsen Vik/Vinje Morpurgo-Taulman b. 09.jan.1934 in Rome, Italy. She lives in New York Her artist name is Artemis Smith and her works are archived on the internet at Well-known poet, novelist, playwright, multimedia artist, author, scientific philosopher and Unitarian-Universalist human rights activist/strategist. Founded the SavantGarde Movement in the arts and philosophy (1948) and also the XavantGarde Movement (2000). Coined the phrase 'unisex', declared herself 'unirace' and 'gender-free', was a co-founder of coalitioned 'rainbow' civil rights movements of the 1950's and 1960's, suffered extensive political blacklisting for affirmative action advocacy and for early feminist novels promoted by publishers as lesbian literature. [Married artistic life-partner Billie Ann Taulman (1954) b.6 Oct. 1929, Rosedale, California, d. 3 August 2008, buried in Oakland Cemetery, Sag Harbor, New York]. Annselm also does multimedia art under the pen name of Vilna Jorgen II in restorations and digital amplifications of the work of VilnaJorgen Morpurgo.

(Baroness) HELGA Ida Morpurgo b. 03.apr. 1935 in Rome, Italy. Artist, sculptor, playwright. Studied with Lillian Hellman. Uses many pen names including Chris (Vania) Stanley..

ADOLPHE Martinius was remarried with HELGA Kathinka (b. Oct.25.1876 in Oslo). I don’t know when, but hope to find the date later. In 1924 the house/address Torshovgata 10 is mentioned the first time in Oslo Address Book. From the same year Adolphe (also known as Adolf) and his family also are listed here. He was a coal- and firewood-tradesman. (It is also reported he was an engineer or inventor.) The first years it seems as he had his company in the same house as he lived, but from latest 1932 the firm’s address was Torshovgata 19. The last year Adolphe is mentioned in the address-book is 1937, and from 1938 the widow Helga Nilsen is in the list instead. She is mentioned until the last part of the 1950s.
1. Rudolf Nilsen (b. May.31.1905 in Oslo). He lives with his family in 1928 but has moved out or is dead before 1932.

2. VERA Hildur Nilsen (b. Feb.21.1907 in Oslo, d. Aug.07.1981). She married about 1945-46 Jørgen Holst. He was a painter. (I don’t know if he worked as a housepainter or was an artist, we don’t always use different words for this in Norwegian; both can be called “maler”). Helga is buried at the North Cemetery in Oslo. She had the son Terje Holst. He lived in Oslo in the 1980s.

3. Harry Storm Nilsen (b. Feb.11.1914 in Oslo, d. Jul.13.1966). He worked as a driver or chauffeur. (We don’t always use different words for this to professions in Norwegian. Both could be called “sjåfør”). Harry is however stated to be the 4th child when he is born. I don’t know if Adele, Adolf’s daughter from first marriage then is counted, or if Adolf and Helga for instance have had a child between 1907 and 1914 (if so probably dead before 1928). Harry might have married a woman called Karin.

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