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So help me I was a sixteen-year-old virgin when I wrote this in 1950 and circulated it as a rebellious high school junior among my teachers. I was called into the Principal's office expecting to be suspended and instead was welcomed and offered a scholarship to her ivy league alma mater.

The Assistant Principal was a statuesque and magnificently imposing older woman and I got an instant crush on her. But my outward reaction was one of sheer panic - I blurted out that I did not want to go to an all-girls' school because I was afraid I would become a lesbian. She understood immediately and told me to take my time and look at all possibilities. Hunter College, although an "all-girl's school", was also in the ivy league and would also welcome me should I seriously at least consider applying there. Wherever I decided to go, my grades guaranteed me a full tuition scholarship.

I did finally enroll in Hunter, but not right away. But in retrospect, I'm glad I turned her first suggestion down because it would have stunted my full development as both artist and philosopher to leave NYC and join an ivy league sorority. I needed a more challenging arena and my simultaneous on-the-job careers in publishing, theater, advertising and publicity in New York City were a far superior preparation for serious world intellectual conquest.

I should pause and take time to memorialize that most excellent academic advisor, Renee Fulton, who later went to work for the NYC Board of Education. Rather than punishing me for the enclosed romp, she pointed me in the right direction. A very different approach from what had happened to me in the Third Grade when, upon being prompted by my classmates, and as the daughter of their family physician, I drew anatomically correct schematic depictions of Adam and Eve and was then ratted on and made to apologize in front of the whole class for doing so. Rage over that early injustice, of course, was what had impelled this, my new test of the system.

But don't be misled - though a virgin I was surrounded by sexual sophisticates twice my age. By the time I was sixteen I was already attending classes at the famed Midtown Drama Center where George Bartenieff was a classmate, and I already had a literary agent - Sidney E. Porcelain of the Jeanne Hale Agency, who had published one of my short stories and was marketing my first novels and plays already receiving public readings at the New Dramatists Forum founded by Ray Yates in Greenwich Village. My pen name then was A.S. Morpurgo.

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