Bykle-Larsen Family Tree
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Larsen Family list entered by Marius Hellerud

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Our thanks to Gunnar Wilhelm Larsen for his pictures and family tree.

The Bykle Family

Gjermund Thorbjørnson Byklum b. 1744 in Bykle annex parish, Valle parish. His parents were Thorbjørn Gunsteinson (1715-1769) and Tone Halvorsdotter (1705-1775) at the farm Byklum. Tone lived at the farm part “Uppistog Byklum” when she got married first time in 1723 with Gjermund Ormson (1684-1737) from Viki in Valle parish. After living some years as a widow, Tone remarried 1739 with Thorbjørn Gunsteinson, and this way he become the user of the farm. Thorbjørn himself was from one of the Breive farms in Bykle, and a son of Gunstein Salmundson Breive (1680-1724) at “Breive Midbø Dersu”. When the first son was born, he was according one of the common name traditions in those days, named after his mother’s late husband. This way the name Gjermund was brought into the family.
Gjermund Thorbjørnson Byklum got married the 09.feb.1779 in Bykle Church, Valle parish with Anne Thorsteinsdotter b. 1761. In the “farm-history”-book for Bykle her parents are not correctly stated, and Anne’s origin is a subject of discussion for genealogist here in Norway with interest in Bykle.
Following children are known:

1. Thorbjørn Gjermundsen b. 1779. Baptized in Evje Church, Evje.
2. Aase Gjermundsdatter b. 1782, d. 1½ year old. She was baptized in Bykle Church, Valle.
3. Thorbjørn Gjermundsen b. 1785. Baptized in Valle Church, Valle.
4. Arne Gjermundsen b. 1787, d. 1787. He was buried on the churchyard in Bykle, Valle on 31.des.1787.
5. Thorstein Gjermundsen Rask b. 10.nov.1789 in Bjerkreim. This date and place are given in the 1860s, but he is not baptized here about that time.
6. Samuel Gjermundsen Bykle b. 1792 in Hægebostad. Follow his family downwards.
7. Anders Gjermundsen b. 1795 in Landvik, d. 1795 in Kristiansand.
8. Stillborn child st. 1798 in Haugland in Mykland.

6. Samuel Gjermundsen Bykle b. 1792 in Hægebostad, d. 21.feb.1847 at the farm Espetvedt in Hornnes annex parish in Evje parish, Aust-Agder.
Married to Kirsti Olsdatter b. 1802 in Bygland, d. 30.apr.1850 in Høyland parish close to Sandnes in Rogaland. Daughter of Ole Halvorsen and Christine Pedersdatter. Christine’s name is also spelled “Kristense”.
Kirsti, or Kirstine as she also is called, died of what is best translated as the yellow fever.
It is said that Samuel and Kirsti shall have had 13 children (The same number as their granddaughter Lina: Maybe something incorrect in the family tradition here?), 5 are known:

6a. Gjermund Samuelsen Bykle b. 24.okt.1820 at Åsklubben in Sand, d. 13.okt.1833 in Tveit.

6b. Anne Christine Samuelsdatter Bykle b. 24.jun.1822, d. 28.jul.1872. Buried in Ølen.

6c. Ole Samuelsen b. in the summer of 1825 in Solum, Telemark. He shall have been a smith, first in Kristiansand and later in Bergen.

6d. Thorbjørn Samuelsen Bykle b. 11.feb.1829 at Byklum in Bykle annex parish, Valle parish, d. 15.des.1912 at Soma in Høyland.

6e. Peder Samuelsen Bykle b. 26.mar.1831 in Valle parish, Valle.

6b. Jeremias Samuelsen Bykle b. 02.nov.1834 in Vegusdal annex parish, in Evje parish, Aust-Agder, d. 16.mar.1902 at Gravereie in Høyland parish close to Sandnes, Rogaland. In his yong days he is sometimes called Peder Jeremias, but this seems not to be correct.
Jeremias had at least one child, Lina, with Stine Johanne Albrigtsdatter b. 03.jun.1832 at the farm Lie in Kvam, Vikør parish. Later the whole parish has changed name to Kvam. Daughter of Johan Albrigt Johannesen and Berthe Kirstine Christensdatter. In the church book for Vikør Berthe is incorrectly called ”Britha” when Stine was baptized, and this is corrected when the daughter become confirmed. This couple is also named Johannes Albrigt and Berthe Christine Christiansdatter. Berthe had the nickname “Berthe Tambur”.
Jeremias married in Høyland Church the 03.des.1884 the widow Anna Jonasdotter Oddsen b. 03.apr.1842 in Fister parish, Rogaland. They got the son Jeremias together:

6fA. SAMUELINE (Lina) Bertine Jeremiasdatter Samuelsen b. 05.apr.1859 at the farm Tvedt in Iveland annex parish in Evje parish, Aust-Agder, d. 28.mar.1940 in Mölndal parish, Gothenburg- and Bohuslän, Sweden. Lina was confirmed in Luster, and after she arrived Sweden she usually states that she was born here the 05.apr.1862. Probably she has not known herself exactly where she was born.
The family tradition tells that Lina had 13 children with three different men. This seems to be correct.
In 1877 Lina got the son Oluf Johan with Ole Olsen b. 1849. It is here said that both the mother and the father had had one child before. This must then be the daughter Stine Gurine in 1875, and Lina's name given a bit wrong in the church records.
Lina got married first 1879 with Ludvig (”Loa-Ludvig”) Larsen b. 26.mai.1854 at Fæmunden in Elverum, d. 15.jun.1897 in Oslo. Son of Anne Marie Christiansdatter and Lars (Petersen) Larsen. Anne Marie was daughter of Christian Fredriksen and Johanne Lovise Mathiasdatter Glad (b. c. 1795, d. after 1875). Johanne Lovise had the nickname ”Loa”.
In those days it was maybe not so easy to get a divorce. Anyway, Lina lived several years with her new husband before Ludvig Larsen dies and Lina could marry Karl Einar Ingebretsen The got married in Kampen Church, Oslo the 25.jun.1900 at ”5½”. I suppose this means 17.30.
Karl Einar Ingebretsen b. 07.des.1874 at Grønlandsleret 10 in Grønland parish, Oslo, d. 05.mai.1932 in Öckerö parish close to Gothenburg in Sweden.
Lina had following 13 children:

1. Stine Gurine Olsdatter b. 1876 in Ål in Hallingdal, Buskerud, d. 1876. She was baptized in Gol and buried the 13.sep.1876 in Vang in Valdres, Oppland.

2. Oluf (”Loa-Oluf”) Johan Olsen b. 13.aug.1877 in Vik parish, Sogn og Fjordane.
Married in Kragerø, Telemark at 10.okt.1899 with Anne Henrikke Olsdatter Alting b. 28.mar.1882 in Kragerø, maybe d. 1916 in Rjukan, Telemark

3. Wilhelm Magnus Larsen Vik (Vink) b. 28.okt.1879 at Vikøren in Vik parish, Sogn og Fjordane. Married with Amanda Berntine Roes b. 17.apr.1884 in Gulen.

4. Kristine Wilhelmine Lovise MARIE (Maja) Larsen b. 11.jan.1882 in Lesja, Oppland, d. 02.aug.1939 in Gothenburg, Sweden. She was baptized in Dovre Church, Dovre in Oppland. The date of birth is was she seems to have celebrated, but it is stated as the 21.jan.1882 when she got baptized. Also the 19.jan.1882 is seen sometimes in early days, and sometimes the birthplace is given as Vågå. (This places are close to each other, so maybe the Swedish administrative writers haven’t been so accurate).
Married first time in Kampen parish, Oslo at 19.sep.1899 with (Jarl)ADOLPHE Martinius Nilsen b. 09.apr.1875 in Oslo, d. 27.mar.1937 in Oslo. It seems as he celebrated his birthday on April the 8th in later days. Son of Jonas Nilsen and wife Ulrikke Pedersen.
Maria, as her name was written very often after she moved to Sweden, and Adolphe (also called Adolf) lived in Kampen street 19 in Oslo when the daughter Adele was born 1900. Later they got divorced. More about Adolf is found in the "Nilsen-family" pages. Maria remarried about 25.mai.1903 or 1906 Thorvald Johansen b. 07.nov.1869 at Helvik in Nesodden, Akershus, d. 03.jul.1942 in Gothenburg. Son of Johan Wilhelmsen and wife Karen Johanne Torkildsdatter. Johan died early, and in 1882 Thorvald tells the priest in Nesodden that he about one year earlier moved to Denmark with his mother and stepfather Ole Larsen. Ole worked at a glass factory, and they lived at that time close to Hellerup near Copenhagen in Denmark.
In the early 1910s Maria and Thorvald moved to Sweden. They first lived in Brastad parish, then in Lundby parish in Gothenburg and Lyse parish before they again moved back to the Gothenburg-area. When they died they lived in Carl Johan Street in Carl Johan parish.

4a. (Countess) ADELE Vilhelma Ludvikke Larsen Vik/Bykle Nilsen b. 10.jun.1900 in Kampen Street 19, Kampen parish, Oslo, d. 1975 and buried in Oakland Cemetery, Sag Harbor, U.S.A. Actress, dancer, poet, novelist, painter and sculpture maker. Her artist name was Vilna Jorgen.
Married to (Baron) Attilio "Jack" Morpurgo, a Medical Doctor. d. 1978 in U.S.A. Buried in Oakland Cemetery in Sag Harbor, New York.
Two daughters:

4aA.(Baroness) ANNSELM (Anna Selma) Larsen Nilsen Vik/Vinje Morpurgo-Taulman b. 09.jan.1934 in Rome, Italy. She lives in New York Her artist name is Artemis Smith and her works are archived on the internet at Well-known poet, novelist, playwright, multimedia artist, author, scientific philosopher and Unitarian-Universalist human rights activist/strategist. Founded the SavantGarde Movement in the arts and philosophy (1948) and also the XavantGarde Movement (2000). Coined the phrase 'unisex', declared herself 'unirace' and 'gender-free', was a co-founder of coalitioned 'rainbow' civil rights movements of the 1950's and 1960's, suffered extensive political blacklisting for affirmative action advocacy and for early feminist novels promoted by publishers as lesbian literature. [Married artistic life-partner Billie Ann Taulman (1954) b.6 Oct. 1929, Rosedale, California, d. 3 August 2008, buried in Oakland Cemetery, Sag Harbor, New York]. Annselm also does multimedia art under the pen name of Vilna Jorgen II in restorations and digital amplifications of the work of VilnaJorgen Morpurgo.

4aB. (Baroness) HELGA Ida Morpurgo b. 03.apr. 1935 in Rome, Italy. Artist, sculptor, playwright. Studied with Lillian Hellman. Uses many pen names including Chris (Vania) Stanley.

4b. ETLY (Ethel) Marie Torvalda Johansen b. 30.mar.1905 in Vålerenga parish in Oslo, d. 06.apr.1968 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Married 26.apr.1929 with Holger Grimborg Karlsson Mörck b. 30.mar.1901 in Visnums-Kil, Värmlands län, Sweden d. 04.okt.1976.

4bA. Karl Torvald WILLIAM Mörck b. 28.nov.1927, d. 29.mar.1993 in Reaskäl in Redslared, Svenljunga, Sweden.

4bB. KURT Ronald Gunnar Grimborg Mörk b. 26.jan.1929, d. 15.aug.2000.

4bC. SOLVEIG Edel Helene Mörk b. 11.sep.1931 in Mölndals parish, Gothenburg- and Bohuslän, Sweden

4bD. Gerth Holger MORGAN (Mörk) Grimhov b. 23.jun.1934 in Mölndals parish, Gothenburg- and Bohuslän, Sweden.

4bE. RUTH Eivor Marie (Mörk) Grimhage b. 12.jun.1936 in Mölndals parish, Gothenburg- and Bohuslän, Sweden.

4bF. STIG Göte Olof (Mörk) Tedenhammar b. 15.nov.1937 in Carl Johan parish, Gothenburg- and Bohuslän, Sweden, d. 10.mai.1972.

4bG. Gunnel ANITA (Mörk) Grimhage b. 02.apr.1939.

4c. Lilly Johansen b. 21.mar.1908 in Oslo, d. 09.aug.1917 in Lundby parish, Gothenburg. She drowned during bathing.

4d. GULLBORG (Gullan) Agneta Johansen b. 29.sep.1909 in Oslo, d. 09.jul.1975.
Married 01.mar.1930 with KARL (Lalle) Vilhelm Sylvester Karlsson b. 31.des.1908 in Lundby parish, Gothenburg, d. 27.mai.1985 same place. Three children:

4dA. SIV-Gullvor (Sivan) Sylvian (Karlsson) Thorsvad b. 05.okt.1929 in Göteborg Domkyrko parish, d. 13.mar.2000.

4dB. Lillian Gerd ROSE-MARIE Karlsson b. 09.sep.1933 in Lundby parish, Gothenburg.

4dC. KARL-THORE Donald Karlsson b. 21.jul.1940 in Carl Johan parish, Gothenburg.

4e. ROSA Viola Bergliot Johansen b. 19.sep.1911 in Moss, d. 12.nov.1985.
Married to GUSTAV Adolf Servatius (Karlsson) Bjurving b. 27.sep.1903 in Styrsö parish, Gothenburg and Bohuslän, d. 17.okt.1989. They get divorced and Rosa remarried HELGE Sigvard (Fransson) Bjuvring b. 11.mai.1912 in Hassle in Skaraborg län, Sweden, d. 20.apr.1986. They get divorced. Three children in first marriage:

4eA. ROLF Gustav Bjurving f. 21.jun.1929 in Domkyrko parish, Gothenburg.

4eB. Berit GUDRUN Bjurving b. 22.mar.1936 in Christinæ parish, Gothenburg.

4eC. Gullvy MARITA Bjurving b. 16.jan.1950 in Oscar Fredrik parish, Gothenburg.

4b. Anna KARIN Volda Johansen b. 12.jul.1914 in Brastad parish, Gothenburg- and Bohuslän, Sweden, d. 30.mar.1968. She was engaged to Torsten Eliasson, but he died short before or short after their child Kent was born.
Married to GUSTAV Adolf Johansson b. 17.sep.1914 in Seglora parish, Sweden, d. 10.aug.1975. Son of Adolf and Olga Johansson.

4fA. Torsten KENT Lennert (Johansen) Jendestedt b. 27.mar.1937 in Mölndals parish, Gothenburg- and Bohuslän, d. 19.feb.1983.

4fB. GILLIS Christer Johansson b. 02.nov.1944 in Masthugg parish, Gothenburg, d. 08.okt.1997.

4fC. Olga MARI ANNE Viola Johansson b. 25.mai.1950.

4g. JENNY Lilly Samuelline Johansen b. 21.nov.1917 in Lundby parish, Gothenburg, d. 08.mar.1980.
She was married several times, last the 20.nov.1965 with ERIC Gustaf Vilhelm (Johansson) Banesten b. 08.nov.1923. Jenny had no own children, but she and her husband reared a daughter of one of her nephews.

4h. MARY Laurine Wallanda Johansen b. 01.feb.1921 in Lyse parish, Gothenburg- and Bohuslän, d. 12.okt.1992.
Married in Gothenburg 14.aug.1943 with Anders LENNART Hansson b. 22.okt.1921. They lived many years in Gothenburg, but moved later to Jonstorp in Skåne, Sweden. Two children:

4hA Astrid MAILY Hansson b. 02.des.1943.

4hB. DENNIS Lennart Hansson b. 28.mar. 1949. Doctor. Lives in Vilhelimna in Lappland, Sweden.

5. Laurits Larsen b. 12.mai.1884 in Elverum.

6. Karl Alexander Valdemar (”Loa-Valdemar”) Larsen b. 05.jan.1887 at Risebro in Hovin parish, Ullensaker.

7. Ludvig SVERRE Johan Magnus Larsen b. 25.mai.1889 at Moen near Dahl Station in Eidsvoll, d. 30.jul.1891 in Ribbungsgate 17, Oslo Hospital parish, Oslo.

8. Karl Einar Paul Bernhard Ingebretsen b. 13.feb.1892 in Ribbungsgate 17, Oslo Hospital parish, Oslo, d. jul.1977. He immigrated to Seattle, U.S.A. and used the name Carl Andersen in Seattle, U.S.A.
Married to Sara from Moss in Østfold, Norway.

9. JENNY Pauline Ingebretsen b. 05.des.1893 in Oslo, d. 04.jul.1968 in Öckerö parish. In younger days the birthdate sometimes is stated as 05.jan.1893.
First married in Brastad parish the 02.mar.1914 med Johan August Roland Schröder b. 21.okt.1884. The get divorced. Jenny later remarried in Masthugg parish, Gothenburg (as a curiosity Marius Hellerud also live in this parish myself, and has the church as the closest neighbour) at 25.aug.1918 med EVALD Amandus Johansson b. 08.des.1884 at Rörö in Öckerö parish, d. 09.sep.1967 same place.

10. Stine Jeremine AGNES Leonarda Ingebretsen b. 05.des.1895 at Gravereie under Austrått in Høyland parish, Rogaland, d. 29.mai.1972.
First married in Eidsberg church, Eidsberg 02.aug.1917 with Karl Syversen, Aservigen b. 02.des.1859 at Vestre Ås plass in Eidsberg, d. 30.jan.1939 at Askim Hospital. He was a widower and his youngest daughter from his firs marriage is Marius Hellerud’s great-grandmother OLGA Sofie Kåen, born Karlsen (b. 15.mai.1897, d. 27.jan.1981). Agnes and Karl become divorced.
Agnes later remarried in 1938 with KARL August Gundersen b. 13.feb.1889 at Gjedsjø plass in Ski parish in Kråkstad parish, Akershus, d. 18.feb.1964. They lived in Askim in Østfold, Norway. In Askim town hall you find some of Vilna Jorgen’s paintings unless they were taken by relatives listed here.

11. LUDVIG Alexander Ingebretsen b. 06.aug.1897 at Stjernøy in Nedstrand, Rogaland.

12. BERGLIOT Pauline Ingebretsen b. 31.jul.1899 in Hedemarkens gate 6 in Kampen parish, Oslo. She died rather young.
Married to Aksel Juul Jensen b. 1894, d. 1950s. He was from the farm Vegge in Borre parish near Horten in Vestfold.

13. ALIDA Wilhelma Leonarda Franziska Ingebretsen b. 24.mar.1902 in Sveriges gate 4 in Vålerenga parish in Oslo, d. 08.nov.1983 at Gjerpen alders- og sykehjem, in Skien.
Married with Nils Jeremias Olsen He was from Skien. Died about 1926. Alida lived later with Knut Haraldsen Alida’s great-granddaughter Nina Tørre in Skien has genealogy has a hobby.

6fB. Jeremias Jeremiasen Bykle b. 15.jun.1887 at Gravereie under Hana in Høyland parish near Sandnes, Rogaland, d. 30.aug.1951.
Married 03.jun.1908 to Ellen Malena Skjæveland b. 26.sep.1876, d. 18.jan.1947.

6g. Samuel Samuelsen Bykle b. 09.jan.1836 at the farm Eide in Sand parish in Jelsa parish, Rogaland.

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